Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Nightwing (Back-to-School Series)

Dick Grayson was the original Robin, but when he decided he wanted to grow up, he graduated to Nightwing.

Nightwing flying high over Gotham by rope

Even now, Dick is still young and when he first became Nightwing he was a Teen Titan. That look was hilariously of its time and he currently prefers red to turquoise (why DC why?!) but this is the costume I think of as Nightwing’s (it even showed up in the cartoon, remember?).

Dick Grayson (Nightwing)

1. Again with the black on black on black — to make it a little fresh, I went for the tulle skirt. The turtleneck differentiates this look from other super-jumpsuits so that’s important to the silhouette.

2. I like the cardigan because the blue reaches all the way down Nightwing’s top. If you just want to bring in the color, it could be a scarf, or even the socks in blue.

3. The headphones are in place of the mask and the umbrella is a baton alternative. Accessories are a fun way to bring in the superhero elements without being blatant.

Dick Grayson (Nightwing) by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

Mango long knit cardigan / Mango sleeveless tee / GAP skirt / Free People slouchy socks / Anne Klein short heels / Mango heart umbrella / SKULLCANDY Uprock Headphones

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