Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Gwen Stacy (Back-to-School Series)

I saved my favourite for last.

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker at school, talking. Still from The Amazing Spider-Man.

It’s no secret that I love Spider-Man. But ever since I saw this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man I have been obsessed with Gwen Stacy’s shoes. I need to own them. Screen accuracy would be ideal, but a) I still haven’t discovered what boots those actually are and b) the costume pieces purchased for the film were available during filming — fashion moves on. But even a like version has proven difficult to find, especially for under $300. The fact that it was Summer (in New England) probably has something to do with that, boots are just now appearing in stores again, so my quest is far from over. I will have Gwen Stacy Shoes.

Gwen Stacy. Still from The Amazing Spider-Man

But as I mentioned in my review at Fantastic Fangirls, it’s not fair to Gwen to focus solely on her shoes, or her (‘amazing’!) fashion sense. Spider-Man 3 was on FX the other day and I realized I’d actually forgotten Gwen Stacy appeared in it. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Gwen was hardly what was wrong with that film but she also brought nothing whatsoever to the story. She was just there, in opposition to Mary Jane. My seven year old said it best:

The new Gwen Stacy is much more better. She actually helps Spider-Man. With the trophy. And she’s much more adventurous. This one is scared.

Emma Stone’s Gwen is not scared. She’s bold. She’s capable. She’s clever. She’s a problem solver. And she’s very smart. She might not have superpowers or supergadgets but she IS a hero.

She is also fashionable.

Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider-Man)

1. Gwen wears “real” clothes. As I mentioned before, even if we determined exactly what brand and style she is wearing it is most likely those pieces are no longer available. But the elements are there: short straight shirt, fitted t-shirt, v-neck vest, tall boots. And, of course, her signature hair band.

2. Gwen wore a variety of coats. This blue is the one I would most like to own myself. The nail polish is part of the Spider-Man line from OPI. I put no financial limits on choosing these pieces (because, Branzino) but they can be absolutely found for lower end prices.

3. Science is really and truly highlighted in TAS and the fact that Gwen is brilliant at it, not just Peter’s equal, but in fact his superior at time (and he’s clearly a genius), cannot be stressed enough. I’ve seen it said that what she wears is inappropriate to a research laboratory. Well, I work in one, and I dress like this. When precautions need to be taken, I’m positive Gwen is smart and responsible enough to take them.

Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider-Man) by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

American Vintage cotton t shirt, $61 / Marni cashmere vest / Trench coat / Miu Miu mini skirt, $1,005 / Nine West boots / Nixon backpack / Mimco hair accessory, $31 / Opi The Amazing New Spider-Man Collection

This concludes my Back-to-School Series for this Fall. Monday is our first day of classes, good luck to all in the new year!

2 Comments on “Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Gwen Stacy (Back-to-School Series)”

  1. mimo says:

    You want those boots, I want that backpack! But it is so difficult to pinpoint….

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