Superheroine of the Night: Lucy Liu

Yesterday as I followed the ‘Emmys’ tags on twitter and tumblr I realized some people are actually invested in the competition. I can’t do that, I’d just get depressed. The show and the awards awarded were so predictable this year…as they are every year… I mean, they were trying to call Homeland winning over Mad Men an upset but was anyone actually surprised? Especially by the time the announcement was made. I also don’t watch for the “comedy” but I’m not sure anyone does. The most entertaining thing Jimmy Kimmel did was throw his parents out of the theater, and only because I found myself wondering what it’s like to be Jimmy Kimmel’s parents. Human relations I find eminently entertaining, actors trying to sell their comedic bits while simultaneously trying to convince us their above selling their comedic bits, not so much. I imagine you now expect me to say I watch for the fashion. And I do, of course, this IS a fashion blog, if a bit of a slanted one. But fashion isn’t just what they’re wearing. Fashion is the whole package. And Lucy Liu absolutely stood out there:

Actress Lucy Liu in Versace

She looked AMAZING. She wore armor, and she sold it. SUPER. HEROINE. WARRIOR. CHIC.

Actress Lucy Liu in Versace, full shot

This dress is brilliant. It’s made of metal. Her clutch looks like a matching weapon. But the length and the soft hair keep it feminine. It’s simply brilliant. Everyone is talking about Lucy Liu today which is exactly what the (controversialish) star of a new series wants going into the Fall TV season. AND THEN:

Actress Lucy Liu at the Emmys After Party

She changed into new armor for the party! Look how heroine chic she still is! O – M – G – Lucy Liu, you are my hero.

Added bonus:

Actress Lucy Liu presents actress Julianne Moore with the award for best performance in a mini series or movie

When I say I’d be depressed if I was invested in the competition, I don’t just mean that my favourites don’t win — sometimes they do, and sometimes they aren’t even nominated. I also mean that these awards don’t often buck the status quo. Established White Men win the most followed by Exiting New Talent White Men and/or Edgy White Men. Women only won in categories that included the word “female” and people of color didn’t win. But, at least, 43 year old Lucy Liu (who is controversialish in her new series because she is Asian and a woman) presented 51 year old Julianne Moore with her award and they both easily and dramatically eclipsed the likes of 23 year old Hayden Panettiere in terms of fashion.

I haven’t seen Elementary but I kinda want it to be so incredible Lucy Liu is the Claire Danes lock winner of next Primetime TV Awards season.

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