Ruby Style (Ready-to-Wear: Red Riding Hood)

This post contains spoiler images from Once Upon a Time 2.4 The Crocodile.

Red Riding Hood is one of the easier characters to RTW. All you really need is something red and hooded. And Ruby (the stunning Meghan Ory) on Once Upon a Time pulls it off without even the hood by sticking to the red, black, and white color palette. It’s nearing Halloween and I’m going to NYCC this weekend so for this post I put together a cosplay version of Ruby’s look in the upcoming episode “The Crocodile”. I got the details from promotional pictures so this would not be considered a spoiler free post (though I don’t expect you can get much PLOT out of this). Here’s the outfit:

a still from Once Upon a Time; David, Ruby, and Mr. Gold

a still from Once Upon a Time featuring Ruby, David, and Mr. Gold

And here’s the set:

Ruby from "The Crocodile"

Ruby from “The Crocodile” by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

John Lewis silk blouse, $95 / Joseph leather pants / C Label platform heels / Gold plated bangle / Miss Selfridge / Gothic jewelry / Johnstons johnston, $185 / Deena & Ozzy boater hat / Giles lip gloss

Now, cosplaying Ruby, as opposed to Red Riding Hood, pretty much counts as Ready-to-Wear. But if you are looking to RTW Red, start here:

a red hoodie by Juicy Couture

A red hoodie is the easiest and most obvious way to pull off Litte Red. This one by Juicy Couture is high end, if you follow the link you see Vanessa Hudgens is a fan, but a respectable red hoodie could be found basically anywhere.

a model showing off the Raoul Utility Dress in clementine

If you want to be a little different, here is a hooded dress. The model is wearing it over leatherette leggings which is very Ruby-Style (and she’s even wearing the same rivet bracelet as above).

a model showing off the Wendy High Neck Coat in red

This coat is not hooded, but it is ruby-red and the style is youthful. She is very modern Red Riding Hood. As with any RTW look — find your own style and embrace it!

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