Olivia Style (Escapades in Leathers Jackets)

It’s Fringe Friday and tonight we will be treated to this:

a still from Fringe, Olivia Dunham, arms crossed, wearing a leather jacket and looking like a BAMF

I saw this still and immediately went looking for that jacket.

Here’s what I found:

Would Olivia wear electric blue? Probably not. But the cut on this one is near perfect. And, well, I would wear electric blue.

Traditional Leather Jacket

This is the “traditional” leather jacket. Would anyone call Olivia “traditional”? Hell no. But it’s a sharp look.

Clean Biker Jacket

Finally, the “clean biker” jacket. Are bikers clean? Is Olivia a biker? No? Well, none of it matters, but these design names amuse. At $110 this one is the closest to being in my price range.

a behind the scenes photo of the Fringe cast with a director

As you see, the leather jackets run in the family. Etta is my girl, and Peter is my favourite, but Olivia wins the Jacket Wars this round. Hands down.

(Now just get Walter in one.)

6 Comments on “Olivia Style (Escapades in Leathers Jackets)”

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you! I saw this jacket and LOVED it on Friday. So happy you were able to locate something very similar!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for the links, and also for that link to Mackage, thats definitely the jacket. I’ve also looked around and found out that a lot of the jackets she wears are from that site… Too bad!!! I love her style but can’t afford it, lol.

    Those jackets you posted are nice too, but the cuts look a little funny on them, which is usually the difference between a $500 leather jacket and a $100 one :/ nothing ever fits me right.

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