2013 Awards Season Master List

Guys, there are so many Awards Shows. Look at this list. It’s only a matter of time before they start giving out awards for the best awards show so they can have another awards show. But good for fashion, right?

a photo of Emma Stone's back

I can’t post JUST a list of shows and dates even if it does promise to someday be an index of Superheroine of the Night posts. And why NOT post this stunning picture of Emma Stone’s (stunning) back? Right?

This is not an exhaustive list of every award show ever (see link above, and even that doesn’t go beyond Canada, Great Britain and the USA). But here are the ones I’ll be looking out for and often watching:

January 9, 2013: People’s Choice Awards | Naomi Watts
January 10, 2013: Critics Choice Awards | Nina Dobrev
January 13, 2013: Golden Globe Awards | Marion Cotillard, Lucy Liu
January 27, 2013: SAG Awards | Nina Dobrev, Kiernan Shipka
February 1, 2013: NAACP Image Awards | Kerry Washington
February 20, 2013: BAFTA Awards
February 10, 2013: Grammy Awards
February 24, 2013: Academy Awards
March 23, 2013: Kid’s Choice Awards
April 14 , 2013: MTV Movie Awards
July, 2013: Teen Choice Awards
September 8, 2013: MTV Video Music Awards
September 22, 2013: Primetime Emmy Awards 2013
November 19, 2013: Grammy Awards

I’ll update as we go, and cover events not listed here as they come up and/or are inspiring~ There are, for example, several films I’m anticipating, and the annual Met Ball, and Disney is presenting Princess Week again!

Do YOU have any suggestions? Email me!

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