Ready-to-Wear: Captain Marvel (Casual)

Polyvore is fun, but can be limiting. I couldn’t get an Air Force t-shirt for the Off-Duty-Carol-Danvers set I suddenly and desperately wanted to make. So here it is OFF-polyvore.

a screenshot of my ready-to-wear Carol set

This ISN’T RTW superhero in the sense of building an outfit around a superhero’s supersuit but it IS RTW superhero in the sense of basing an outfit on a superhero, in this case Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers.

a scan from Captain Marvel 1

Most comic book superheroes share values such courage or compassion or sass or arrogance. Heroic qualities, if you will. But then then have the little quirks that set them apart from each other. For example, a love of flight and a dedication to the military are important aspects of Carol’s personality.

Air Force

Air Force

I’ve been looking for an appropriate to Carol Air Force t-shirt for a long time. This, still, isn’t quite it; I don’t think Carol would find the lyric-pic as cute as I do. But it IS the logo and it IS a female cut and NOT pink, strangely low-cut, or splashed with “I love My Airman” or “Proud Mom”. So.

And it IS cute for me 😛 Another option could be a Star Wars tee or NASA.

Boston Red Sox

Boston born and bred. But, let’s be real, Carol would wear this around just to annoy Tony Stark.



Any skinny jeans in traditional blue work, these are Guess because I like Guess! But Carol wouldn’t wear pumps with them, she doesn’t even wear heels in most pictures of her redesigned uniform. Therefore, hot but flat red boots. These two items DO evoke her supersuit, yay for versatility!

Captain Marvel 10

Bomber Jacket

Flying is freedom, it’s complete freedom. When kids misbehave, they’re grounded. When adults have to accept their limitations, they’re grounded. I wear a fashion-bomber jacket as my main Winter coat because it reminds me of the W.A.S.P.s and Amelia Earhart

and Wendy Darling and Daenerys Targaryen


and Carol Danvers and flying and freedom.

a scan of Captain Marvel 10

You can’t take the sky from me.


The dog tags, of course, can be worn with absolutely anything or everything.

Click on images for product and artist information.


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