Interactive Wednesday: Site Poll

Hello! I have a few themed initiatives I would like to roll out but I am wondering what the best platform is. I have various tumblogs that are all interrelated by way of this site — but maybe this blog should live on tumblr, too?

I’d like to set up a schedule of theme weeks (ex. Pepper Potts) and have a new post each day (ex. Monday: Music) and cover a wide variety of topics such as History, Fandom, Portrayal etc. and of course spotlighting fashion and how to emulate it. If I were to create Red Carpet Superhero on tumblr for this purpose, should I move the Superheroine of the Night, Ready-to-Wear Superhero, and miscellaneous heroine chic posts there as well?

So, poll!

If you have other thoughts or questions, please comment.

And just to make this post more pretty, here, have an Iron Man 3 poster:

a poster for Iron Man 3 featuring Tony Stark and Pepper Potts


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