Follow the White Rabbit

The following were presented at a panel at Wesleyan University about dressing in the fashion of Wonderland using street clothes we already own.

Follow the White Rabbit

Follow the White Rabbit by redcarpetsuperhero

For Alice I wanted to get away from the illustrated, Disney, or ‘Gothic Lolita’ version — so how do we create “Alice” without a pinafore?
1. Color: I retained the Blue and White color palette.
2. Hints: The thick headband is so married to Alice in Wonderland it is named “an Alice band” and along with Mary Jane shoes, the “girl” archetype is achieved without a poufy dress. I also selected the pleated blouse to hint at Victorian styles.
3. Talismans: Alice and Wonderland are equated with Rabbits, Keys, Playing cards, Chess pieces, Mushrooms, Potion bottles, Tea sets… any and all of which can be found or created as accessories.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts by redcarpetsuperhero

The Queen of Hearts is a formidable antagonist but I decided to create a Blair Waldorf “Queen B” type of look and followed the same principles as I did with Alice:
1. Color: the Queen’s colors (taken from the typical playing card) are Red, Yellow, Black and White. But they don’t have to mimic the card or any popular version — for example I chose a black crown instead of gold.
2. Hints and talismans: it would be silly to dress as the Queen of Hearts without including some kind of heart imagery. Any I ♥ {whathaveyou} t-shirt would work in a pinch. I imagined the rose earrings being worn one color in each ear to reference painted roses. One could wear an actual Queen of Hearts playing card in a hat brim or punched and attached to a ribbon or chain as a necklace. Top it off with a scepter or crown — available in party stores or fun to make out of a paper towel roll, ruler, or baton.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter was probably the most fun to put together. I looked at pictures from the book, the animated film, and Johnny Depp to get an idea of color and silhouette but I played a lot. For example, the Charlie Chaplin leggings have nothing whatsoever to do with Alice in Wonderland or the Mad Hatter — but they are perfectly Mad and thus make perfect nonsense sense in my mind. The coat I chose for its vaguely Victorian look and the tea charms to reference the Mad Tea Party. But the only element that is absolutely essential to the Mad Hatter is a hat, preferably wide-rimmed.

Wonderland is wild, colorful, bright but also dark, jumbled, a little old-fashioned — mad! Be creative and really anything goes.


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