Through the Looking Glass

Recently I was part of a little panel at Wesleyan University about dressing in the fashion of Wonderland using street clothes we already own. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with me, received an email from me, or followed me on twitter or tumblr or any of my various blogs knows how important the stories of Alice in Wonderland are to me. The Alice books and many adaptations are not simply my favorites, nor is it merely an intellectual captivation. It’s personal. Alice, Wonderland, Mirrors, Rabbits, Pills, Keys, Pawns… these are concepts I use to express myself and explain myself to the world, and in a very Alice way, to myself. Now, I’m hardly the only one — Alice has fascinated people since she was first introduced and that fascination, and how we all play with the imagery and ideas, are why I can use it all to express myself and explain myself — it’s become a shared mythology.

Wonderland is probably most often used as a metaphor for madness; as the text directs us. But whether Wonderland is mental dysfunction or simply a childish dream the lesson most important to me is that Alice has complete control over it. Alice gets herself into, around, and out of Wonderland all by herself.

"You're nothing but a pack of cards!"

“You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

The other panelist Elseachay put together the following presentation on “closet costumes” which is the other side of the mirror equivalent of my ready-to-wear outings. I deconstruct costumes to create “real world” fashions and she uses “real world” clothing to create costumes. The results by definition meet in the middle: mirror images!








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