Ready-to-Wear: Pretty Deadly

Okay, I’m jumping the gun a little — this comic (by creative team Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios) isn’t even out until October — but I’m not the only one: it’s been generating buzz since its announcement and the fanart just keeps coming. I’m putting together ideas for outfits for con appearances in October and when I asked for suggestions Pretty Deadly‘s protagonist Ginny, the daughter of death, came up and I latched on. Here’s a first draft:

Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly by redcarpetsuperhero featuring:

True Religion , $130 / MEK jeans / River Island western boots, $145 / Steampunk jewelry / Bernard Delettrez , $235 / Gag & Lou charm necklace / Forever 21 cowboy hat / River Island Black braces, $15 / Rosendahl Wooden rabbit, $125

There is some preview art available…

Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly


…and author Kelly Sue has a tumblr and pin board where she posts images as inspiration. And that, after all, is the essence of ready-to-wear superhero.

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