Superheroine of the Night: Nina Dobrev

Oh those wacky Teen Choice Awards. Though at this point is there ANY Awards show that can’t be called ‘wacky’? I think no. Still, the one that gives out surfboards (because I totally equate surfboards with teenagers) (no, I really don’t, I equate surfboards with surfer dudes and dudettes, which are actually not synonymous with teenagers at all) (wait is this a Dylan McKay thing?) (you know what still makes me lol every time? how Luke Perry gets “and Luke Perry” in the credits of The Fifth Element… that movie is amazing for many many reasons and I love it but I’d be lying if I discounted “and Luke Perry” as one of them) (wow, I’m way off topic), still, the Teen Choice Awards have an edge on wacky. And wacky fashions!

Harry Styles

Oh Mr. Styles. Did you know there is a reality TV series Amish Mafia? Like, that is a real thing. On The Discovery Channel. This picture reminds me of that. Not that he looks Amish or Mafia…mostly he looks adorkable like he always does…but LOL, nonetheless.

Also wacky-and-adorable:

Kerry Washington

But what should a 36 year old woman wear to the TCAs? It’s not like she can’t pull it off (lbr, is there ANYTHING Kerry can’t pull off?).

As for heroine chic, we have Selena:

Selena Gomez

I love this on the carpet, she is serving up sassy and sophisticated supervillain realness.

Selena Gomez

See, this is why this awards show still has the edge on wacky. With the addition of the prize/prop and accompanying image of her surfing IN her superv gown she went from Casino Royale to Moonraker if you know what I mean. Wacky.

Demi Lovato

Yeah, so, with this hair and space-inspired outfit, Demi is kinda sorta ready-to-wear superheroing Carol Danvers?

Captain Marvel

She’s definitely heroine chic. But superhoine of the night goes to Nina:

Nina Dobrev

Before I break it down I have to say this is so adorable. ADORable.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

1. It’s either a jumpsuit or a two-piece that LOOKs like a jumpsuit.
2. It’s got a funky pattern that would make a splash in the pages of a comic (and subsequent fanart).
3. Imagine those heels as boots and drop the clutch and boom, it’s a supersuit.
4. Mussy ponytail is so, so comic book.
5. And the star earrings bring it all together — adorable and absolutely heroine chic.

Nina Dobrev

She wins the crown.

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