Heroine Chic on the Hunger Games Red Carpet

Basically everyone decided the Catching Fire Red Carpet Premiere called for #heroinechic. Which is wholly appropriate to the subject matter if you think about it (just don’t think about it TOO much or you realize we are not playing the part of the resistance…).

There are a lot of pictures so let’s jump right in with, appropriately, Katniss aka Jennifer Lawrence:
Katniss Everdeen


Katniss Everdeen

I love this. I love in every possible way. There have been so many sheer skirt dresses out and about lately and they very rarely connect the way their wearer intends but J-Law looks killer.

Katniss Everdeen

Plus her long hair would not have worked half as well with this look so consider me a short hair convert. With the poster backdrop we see how the dress resembles the costume…whoever chose this dress, I bow down.


Elizabeth Banks rarely disappoints on screen or off (Effie is my favourite part of the first film) and I love this, too. She looks like a Phoenix. Like she’s wearing Phoenix armor.


Also wearing Phoenix armor: Jena Malone.


I don’t love this — not a huge fan of the sheer netting — but I do love how committed to it Jena is.


Especially the cosmetics. LOVE.


Amanda Plummer kind of looks like a Timelord…


With a bull necklace. So maybe an American timelord? What if BBCAmerica made their own Doctor Who and cast a 50something woman. WHAT IF.


And Lynn Cohen is just adorable.

Meanwhile the men:


If he’s Thor’s younger brother does that mean he’s Loki? Anyway, I love how the poster is looking at him with tragic longing. #TeamGale


Josh needs to learn how to pose.


I can’t. This is hilarious.

President Snow

President Snow wears pink.


Best casting ever.



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