Superheroine of the Night: Naya Rivera

Awards Season is on y’all and the first big shindig was the People’s Choice Awards. And our first superheroine of the night is Glee’s Naya Rivera:

This girl is on fire! (Has Santana sung that? She should.) I mean, the colors are too neutral for a typical super suit but the IDEA is pure gold.

Gold like that collar. I am amazed — AMAZED — that this is Michael Kors. Because Kors hates heroine chic (“She looks like a comic book!” was hurled at many a losing look on Project Runway) but this is entirely heroine chic. It is color blocked, it has a “cape”-train, it has that collar. Girl looks like a super stylish superhero. (Except for the shoes. I hate the shoes.)

And that award looks Kryptonian. Just saying.

As for superhero of the night, I give you:

Zac Efron’s hair.

One Comment on “Superheroine of the Night: Naya Rivera”

  1. lizgotauco says:

    Naya looks AMAZING. She is my fave Glee gal. And yes, she DID sing “Girl on Fire” on the show!

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