Superheroes at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Tony Stark:

Bruce Wayne:

Lois Lane:

Gwen Stacy:

Steve Rogers and Pamela Isley:

Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers:

Carol Danvers and Victor Creed:



Sebastian Shaw:

Pepper Potts:

James Rhodes:

Olivia Pope:

(This list was super white, so.)

Nyota Uhura [ETA: Zoe is also Gamora in the upcoming Gaurdians of the Galaxy!] and Legolas:

(Couldn’t pass up that picture.)

Hank Pym, apparently:


(We are all that girl.)

One Comment on “Superheroes at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards”

  1. […] And giving out awards with known Avengers AGAIN. […]

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