X-Men: Days of Future Fabulous Fashion

I have a confession to make. I might be more excited to see X-Men: Days of Future Past than Captain America: Winter Soldier or The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Don’t misunderstand, I am poised to LOVE DESPERATELY both of those films even if they are disappointments. While Days of Future Past seems poised to be a train wreck of epic proportions: there’s time travel, killer robots, congressional hearings, and at least 50,000 characters, some new to screen, others returning, some are the same character played by two different actors in two different time periods and/or timelines and others are the same character as in another franchise played by two different actors and they might share the same name (maybe?) and parts of the same history (maybe not?) but nothing that happens in this movie has anything to do with what happens in that movie. Because that is not confusing at all.

And even though there have already been entire magazines devoted to this film and even though I have read the entire comic book story arc I have NO IDEA what this movie is about. Except:

The Seventies

Fabulous fashion.

Again, don’t misunderstand: the costumes are like to be just as much of a hot mess as everything else. But! They are also delicious. Look at those belt buckles. Look at that paisley. Look at that leather. Look at Xavier’s completely amazing loafers. Look at them!

Wolverine and Beast

CLEARLY the “Past” is where it is AT. This looks like it’s from a seventies monster movie Wolfman versus Wolverine. I love that Hank is wearing such bright colors. He’s not trying to hide or blend, he is accessorizing his pretty blue fur and more power to him!


So this is awesome. Look at those stripes. Look at that bling ring. Look at that mustache. Can we please have a protomodern Lannister AU?

Lena Headey in The Long Firm


Pietro and a Princess

I have been waiting a long time to see Quicksilver on screen and while I admit this (or this) is not what I imagined….. Yeah, I got nothing. The Princess is working it, though. That dress is not really period for the 1960s/70s but whatever, she has chaos magic (maybe) or one of the time traveling mutants got it for her.

Magneto gets his own section. He is That Fabulous.

Only Magneto can wear magenta body armor and look as serious as Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

I guess in the Future Magneto is with the X-Men because he is dressed like one.

Tbh, these pictures make me weep that I did not get to work on these costumes. Storm should have a mohawk though. I mean, really.

Image Source; “Pietro and the Princess” is a scan of Empire Magazine; “ProtoModern Cersei” is a still from The Long Firm.

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