Princess of the Night: Lupita Nyong’o

Have you encountered Ever After High? It’s another line of dolls with webisodes and eventual DVD release tie-ins a la Monster High but instead of the children of famous monsters, they’re the children of famous fairy tale characters. Not to be confused with Descendants, the upcoming series and inevitable tie-in dolls about the high school age children of famous Disney villains. Anyway, in Ever After High the kids are divided into two cliques: Royals (the children of princesses like Snow White) and Rebels (the children of people who are not princesses like the Evil Queen, Red Riding Hood, and the Mad Hatter).

This year’s Academy Awards was full of royals and the ruler of them all was newly crowned Best Supporting Actress Lupita Nyong’o:



Cinderella has arrived.


I mean, WOW, she’s perfect. The dress is perfect, the headband is perfect, the smile is perfect, the girl is perfect, she. Is. Perfect.

Also, this photo:


She is so darling.

As for rebels!

Charlize Theron

Julia Roberts

Angelina Jolie

They all get points for playing an Evil Queen on the big screen (in Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, and Maleficent). And for being generally regal and powerful. Charlize and Julia get points for dark. But Charlize’s Fabulous Glare puts her over the top in this Battle of the Rebel Queens*.


To be fair, Angie is the royalest rebel and most rebellious royal and also she’s ANGELINA JOLIE so lbr, she could show up in her Pooh Bear pajamas and be queen supreme.

And then there’s the other Best Actress of the evening:

Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett

Queen forever.

*OMG I really want a BATTLE OF THE REBEL QUEENS film starring Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, and Angelina Jolie. And Cate Blanchett and Lupita Nyong’o. How do I make this happen? HOW DO I MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!

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