Superheroine of the Night: Naomi Watts

I know everybody wants Katee Sackhoff for Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie they’re not making. I’d be good with Katee. Or Charlize. Or Yvonne. Or Diane. Or Evan. Or Naya. But now and forever I will campaign for Naomi.

Naomi Watts

And here she is sporting Carol Danvers hair AGAIN.

Nick Fury

And giving out awards with known Avengers AGAIN.


And showing off her killer legs while smirking in front of the wee ABC (parent company Disney…child company Marvel) sign.


And being totally adorkable while also totally glamourous. Aside: I want that clutch.

Just cast her already.

Just cast her already so I can move on with my life, for real.


P.S. Nope, not much heroine chic about the look from neck down but nobody dressed in the style of a superheroine this year so Naomi’s Carol Hair and Petrol Necklace and the fact that she shared the stage with Nick Fury = my superheroine of the night.

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