Superheroine of the Night: Bella Thorne

THe MTV Movie Awards are populated with wanna be superheroines — in every way that sentence could be taken, I expect. Bella here is definitely a wanna be superheroine:


She looks like a modern AU of Frozen where Anna and Elsa are the same person. Which is totally a comic book plot. She also looks like Wonder Girl if Wonder Girl were Sansa Stark. Which is a totally awesome idea. 


I actually really love this on her. And love its twist on heroine chic. It’s soft and pretty and sweet yet I 100% believe that she is a teen superheroine ready to kick ass.

Bella Thorne

The detailing, the shoes, the cuff, the simple hair, her goofy expression  —  everything is working to crown her superheroine. I want to read her book!

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