Heroine Chic on the Runway (Project Runway 13.1)

It’s that time again! Project Runway Lucky Season 13 premiered last night and here are the most heroine chic looks from the episode:



OH HAI, Avengers dress! Srsly, that is the FIRST thing that crossed my mind when it appeared. Kate Bishop would rock this so hard and frankly I want someone to draw that.

Then we have the battle of the jumpsuits:


From this angle, Samantha’s has a definite heroine chic edge.


But then here it’s just sort of standard. Meh.


But then here she looks like Catwoman. I DON’T KNOW.

And then, Mean Girl Korina.


It’s not just a jumpsuit (not even just a neon orange-pink jumpsuit) —


— it’s a (neon orange-pink) jumpsuit with a butt cape.


I think clearly she’s the most heroine chic this week.

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