Superheroine of the Night: Gwen Stefani

I don’t know why Gwen Stefani was at the Emmys but lucky she was cuz the TV peeps did not bring the heroine chic this year. But this —

— this is some superheroine realness. Look at these funny little side clasps. Details like that are what I Fashion! for.

Even her styling is total superheroine. But then, that’s who she is:

Here’s Gwen at the VMAs. Superheroine. So taking Ms. Stefani out of the running who do we have?

Angela Bassett as Hippolyta.

Lizzy Caplan as Selina Kyle.

Amy Poehler as the Silver Surfer (you know you would watch that).

And Kerry Washington as Aquaman. Aquawoman?

Or Kerry Washington as Wolverine (YOU KNOW YOU WOULD WATCH THAT).

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