The difference between fashion disaster and heroine chic is subtle but savage.

I love superheroes. I love fashion. I love celebrity fashion. And I love creating characters and stories. How can I combine all these loves?

Red Carpet Superhero.

In this blog I will post pictures of:
x celebrities
x runway fashions
x store fashions
x street fashions
x comic book art
x comic book movie stills
x fanart
x cosplay

The idea is to find and highlight the most Heroine (and Hero and Villain) Chic looks out there — they won’t all be beautiful, they may not all be FASHION, but they will all be super in one way or another. Sometimes I will create new heroes and stories, sometimes I will ask for your help — and sometimes I will ask you to join me in staring in awe.

Are you ready? Superhero Fashion GO.

email: tightropemarvel@gmail.com
twitter: tightropemarvel