Heroine Chic on the Runway (Project Runway 13.1)

It’s that time again! Project Runway Lucky Season 13 premiered last night and here are the most heroine chic looks from the episode:



OH HAI, Avengers dress! Srsly, that is the FIRST thing that crossed my mind when it appeared. Kate Bishop would rock this so hard and frankly I want someone to draw that.

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The clothes make the Avenger

The EW Avengers pics were everywhere within seconds of their appearance online, and loads of fun to analyze. But this one is my favourite:

The Avengers 2

First of all, the whole thing looks like what you would find at a high end SPIRIT HALLOWEEN store circa the second week in September, which is perfect because they are costumes that are also costumes and there is just something so delicious about the meta-meta.

But when we break it down it gets even better:

  • Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor are colorful; Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Fury favor black with dark accents; Hulk has purple shorts
  • Iron Man, Captain America and Hawkeye have hard padded shoulders; Black Widow and Fury have soft padded shoulders; Thor has bare shoulders and Hulk has purple shorts
  • Hulk has purple shorts! So cheeky.
  • Captain America has that crazy cute Avengers insignia on his shoulder, do we think anyone else has one somewhere we can’t see in this picture?
  • Does Fury have two identical outfits or is one Hawkeye’s because he has two outfits? Because I can TOTALLY see Clint requesting two (or more?) hangers-ful of Avengers provided superhero clothes.
  • I am in love with Thor’s cape. Also Thor.
  • Hawkeye’s shoulder protector looks like something I wore when I roller bladed which just makes me like it more.
  • Black Widow’s piping makes me happy .
  • Seriously does Hawkeye have more hangers/clothes? I want this to be true. Hawkeye ALSO had the most amazing look in the living room pic:

Avengers in the Living Room

Like, Rhodey and Tony are vying for Most Stylish (Rhodey wins by virtue of being Rhodey) and Steve is so Steve in his super simple American Blue Button Down but I LOVE Clint’s “Yes, I’m wearing plaid and leather and I can’t sit like a normal human being because obviously I am the superhero Avenger Hawkeye!” How can anyone not LOVE it? He is probably my least favourite MCU Avenger and yet I am SO DOWN WITH THIS it has incited capslock.

So yeah, I would be really pleased and not at all surprised if Clint had more than one super suit and that will be my personal headcanon until proven otherwise.

Project Runway 12.3

Better known as introduction to RASPBERRY TOWN. Which is easily the best and most reasonable answer to “Give me a word to describe this frozen yogurt so I can make a dress inspired by your word” (which is probably not the least reasonable challenge inception in Project Runway‘s history but nothing more absurd (yet awesome!!) is coming to mind right this moment). Even more awesome “Raspberry Town” was provided by a guy who resembled Thor just enough for me to imagine an amazing Avengers at Coney Island scenario. And that’s not all! Thor answered Raspberry Town to self-described faux Sorority girls Kate and Helen:

Kate and Helen's design

And it won. It was very clever of Team Katlen to use those sombreros and the result is nifty and chic and raspberry. Just two things. Read the rest of this entry »

Project Runway: Let them eat cake!

No television show is going to be my favourite every week. All of the shows I consistently watch are flawed. Some of them deeply. To the point where I wonder why I am still watching. Last night’s episode of Project Runway made me sad. And also angry.

Andrea, for reasons she very clearly doesn’t want to share, fled the apartment and the show in the middle of the night. And then she apparently quit via email. We’d barely begun to process this bizarre turn of events when Kooan (literally) bowed out of the competition. So then last week’s loser, Raul, was brought back in — and proceeded to go on at length about his awesomeness. Things happen for a reason, said Tim (aside: I love Tim Gunn, he was great dealing with this). The problem is the things were really kind of upsetting and if the reason was to give Raul more opportunity to self-aggrandize while making ugly clothes, I’m not sure we needed that. I entirely agree with the decision to bring him back — Andrea should have spoken up and left at the end of that challenge not hours later while everyone was asleep — but I don’t have to like him or his fashion. And I don’t.

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Things that are Amazing. Things that could be Better.

I love Spider-Man. And like any geek, I like to show off my love by collecting and displaying things related to Spider-Man. I have toys and web-crawling earbuds and I have t-shirts and sneakers. But to get these things I usually have to shop the “Boys” aisles. So when I saw this, I got really excited:


Spidey-polish (by OPI)! My own nails are a disaster. Most of the 12 year old boys who my Spider-shirts and -shoes are actually made for probably have prettier ones. But I would buy this anyway because it’s that amazing. And because I want to support the initiative. And because, like I said, I collect things related to my love of Spider-Man!

But when I looked a little closer: Read the rest of this entry »

January Jones, Betty Draper, and Emma Frost

January Jones is fascinating.

January played a sociopath, Kim Brody, on an episode of Law and Order (“Quit Claim”). She was a beautiful, calculating, manipulative ingenue whose visible emotions ranged from raising an eyebrow to pursing a lip. She was always a step ahead of the game. She played each moment with straight confidence born in the knowledge that she always got away with everything. She was an ice queen who hated everyone because they didn’t love her. This episode played on TNT a couple weeks ago and when my brother asked “who’s that?” I answered:

Emma Frost.

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Incredible Casting

There’s been a lot of speculation about who should take on the role of Bruce Banner/The Hulk for The Avengers now that Edward Norton is out. It is no secret that I don’t like The Incredible Hulk. “Hulk Smash” stuff bores me to tears and the tragedy side gets tired — especially when Bruce Banner is seen as one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe and he can’t solve the ONE problem he has been working on for as long as we have known him. I like Edward Norton, I thought he did a good job with a character I really have to force myself to care about. I’ve been thinking on it, is there ANYONE who I would be excited to watch as Bruce Banner? Joshua Jackson or Leonardo DiCaprio? Not really, either’d be miscast. Sam Rockwell? Maybe, but they wouldn’t recast him. Well. Probably. Anyway, the answer is probably not. So, I will put forth the most ridiculous and yet brilliant suggestion:

Look, if anyone in Hollywood can make Bruce Banner my most favourite character, it’s Helen Mirren. The woman is magic (speaking of, this is from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice premier which I am choosing to take as suggestion she’ll be back for National Treasure 3) (and, hey, she’s almost wearing Diana’s new jacket). I would be first in line to watch Helen Hulk out.

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Flashback Friday: Bryce Dallas Howard

Tomorrow kicks off our Vampire Movie Week (content will start Monday) so today I bring you a vampire. THE new vampire in Twilight’s Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard:

Bryce took over the role of Victoria for the Twilight Saga’s third film and I am honestly interested in seeing if she is noticeably superior. She is certainly a bigger name (I, uh, don’t actually know who was the first Victoria) (Edited to add: Rachelle Lefevre; thank you Mizzelle) and it’s not like I don’t like Bryce or don’t think she’s talented… It’s not HER fault all the movies she’s been in have been PAINFULLY AWFUL. Right?

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Vuitton Girl Might Punch You (SatC2 London Premiere)

So Roger Ebert finished his — let’s call it ‘scathing’ — review of Sex and the City 2 with the following question:

Reader, I must confess that while attending the sneak preview with its overwhelmingly female audience, I was gob-smacked by the delightful cleavage on display. Do women wear their lowest-cut frocks for each other?

I’m going to disregard the appalling sexism on display here for a moment and just answer with this picture:

These four women, and the crowds of women behind them, are not dressed for YOU, Roger. They are dressed for ME. And for each other and for their fans and for the idea that fashion is fun and that that is a part of the appeal of Sex and the City.

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Sex and the City should be a comic book.

Yesterday was “International Geek Pride Day” and I celebrated by window-shopping 5th Avenue and going to a press screening of Sex and the City 2. None of which sounds “mainstream geeky” but maybe the following suggestion will make up for it.

It was mid-way through the movie; the gals change into camel-riding-ready outfits (from Dior and Vuitton, of course) and they strut across the sand, a fearsome foursome if there ever was one. The wind made their outfits billow and Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda suddenly had a full-on cape. Later on Samantha makes an absolute spectacle of herself as only Samantha can. Shouting at a disapproving Middle Eastern crowd that she has sex and likes sex thank you very much she made it very clear that she will not be covered up or contained and she became a superhero for the covered up and contained women watching. Women who then took all four of our heroines behind closed doors and revealed their own secret identities (and designer outfits, of course). This is just begging to be a comic book.

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