Team Hemsworth

I don’t want to play Team Peeta versus Team Gale. However:

I’ll let Miley (as Lilo on SNL) say it:

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Superheroes at the Oscars: Rose Byrne

Hello heroine chic! Rose presented along with the other Bridesmaids and represented the entire cast of X-Men First Class. Okay that last bit only for those of us who care about superheroes at the Oscars, but still true. Her geek cred goes further back, however. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Rose Byrne was:

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Superheroine of the Night: Gwyneth Paltrow

It was not an Oscars for heroine chic. Watching E’s and then ABC’s Red Carpet, at 8PM I had but one passable contender for SotN and it was J-Lo. J-Lo! But then Gwyneth arrived and saved the night exactly as a fashion superheroine should:

With a cape.

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Cosplay Project: Truly Outrageous at NYCC


Translation: Our JEM cosplay for NYCC was entirely successful.

On the far right is Jem. She was hanging at the Hasbro booth and made Aeris’ morning by saying we had the best costumes she’d seen all weekend.

Next to Jem is ME as Kimber Benton, Jem/Jerrica’s younger sister, the songwriter and keyboardist of the Holograms. Then we have Aeris as Pizzazz and Kiki as Stormer, our Misfits. On the far left is Christian, who constructed all our costumes. He’s dressed as Rio, Jerrica’s boyfriend and the Holograms manager. He also has a relationship with Jem. Secret Identity love triangle, gotta love it.

Wig: we purchased a “Farrah” wig in blonde (from a Halloween specialty store) and dyed it pink with an acrylic ink and alcohol mix. It took three coats and we used two colors to achieve Kimber’s pink/red shade.
Suit Jacket: We purchased the “vintage” coat second hand and Christian tailored it to fit and added the blue piping.
Blouse: Christian made the blouse, ruffles and all!
Leggings: These were purchased at Justice.
Pink Pumps: These were harder to find than I imagined, but I finally got them at Deb. They looked amazing. By the end of the day I could barely stand. But my fashion was truly outrageous!


Wig: Kiki’s wig was a “Taylor Swift” wig, also blonde and dyed to this blue. The barrette was purchased at Claire’s and we colored the inner crystal with a sharpie marker. Aeris’ wig was purchased as is and teased.
Dress: Christian constructed both girls’ dresses and Aeris’ accessories (belt and legwarmer). I made Kiki’s arm band out of a headband and a “punk” bracelet. Her fishnets are another Halloween store purchase.
Shoes: Kiki is wearing character shoes (available at any Dance or Theatre store) and Aeris’ shoes are Mary Jane wedges.

And Aeris’ Kids Day badge says HASBRO, isn’t that PERFECT? ♥

Make-Up: It’s CRAZY, right? The Jem make-up is insanely over the top. We used face paint except for the eyeliner/mascara.

Here I am post-con, in the car (in traffic, ha ha) on our way home. I love how absolutely ridiculous/awesome the Kimber make-up looks without the Kimber hair. My expression amuses me, I look like a doll, which is appropriate! (And you can see Pizzazz taking down her pin-curls, too, in the background. Hee.)

So there you have it. How’d we do?

Other glimpses of Heroine Chic at the Globes

January wasn’t entirely alone. There was also this:

Halle Berry, who has appeared for both Marvel (Storm in the X-movies) and DC (sadly, Catwoman), picked a bunch of stuff out of her lingerie drawer and showed up on the Red Carpet. Which is absolutely heroine chic. And I’d believe she could beat us all up and look damn good doing it.

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Spy Style: Liev Schreiber

I would see Salt just for Angie but if you’re wavering here’s another reason to go:

Liev Schreiber is a yummy scowling CIA agent. Let’s see how he does on the Red Carpet:

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Spy Style: Angelina Jolie

Angie’s new spy thriller Salt lands in theaters this Friday, July 23, and last night she sparkled at the Red Carpet premiere in Los Angeles:

Very pretty, Angie. Armani, her old standard, and it suits her. Love that it shows off her legs and arms and love even more that she lets her hair fly free. She’s carrying herself like a movie star.

Pretty. Sparkly. Kinda boring. Diane’s black sequins were more memorable.

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