Flashback Friday: January Jones

You’ve heard the news. Betty Draper is the new Emma Frost in X-Men First Class. Or January Jones is, but at least 80% of the announcements called her Betty first, January second (and the last 20% had lines about January Frosting. So clever, right?). On the surface, Emma and Betty are quite similar. Underneath the surface they are nothing alike, and that makes it all the more interesting.

It is very unclear to me (and I’d venture a guess, to EVERYONE) what this movie is about. Emma Frost is not a “First Class” X-Men (meaning one of the first members of the team, whether or not she is First Class meaning awesome is up for debate and something of a polarizing topic for many fans — another similarity to Betty Draper, I’ll add). My favourite Emma is actually found in her solo title that featured her early years (circa First Class) but who knows what Emma this Emma is going to be so who knows if January is a good fit!

But we can discuss her LOOK.

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Flashback Friday: James Bond

I have a confession. I’ve never seen Quantum of Solace. So it is partially my fault that they’re not making another one. But, see, (confession #2) I didn’t really like Casino Royale. It felt overly long and oddly slow for a BOND film. I liked Craig fine but I liked him in Tomb Raider, too, and basically, imagining a James Bond/Lara Croft crossover was way less boring than watching Casino Royale. So I just didn’t go to the next one. I have seen every other Bond film. We watched them all over a summer, as a project, circa Die Another Day. Now that we don’t have any new ones to wait for, it might be a good time to do it again — and I’d finally see Quantum of Solace.

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Flashback Friday: Bryce Dallas Howard

Tomorrow kicks off our Vampire Movie Week (content will start Monday) so today I bring you a vampire. THE new vampire in Twilight’s Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard:

Bryce took over the role of Victoria for the Twilight Saga’s third film and I am honestly interested in seeing if she is noticeably superior. She is certainly a bigger name (I, uh, don’t actually know who was the first Victoria) (Edited to add: Rachelle Lefevre; thank you Mizzelle) and it’s not like I don’t like Bryce or don’t think she’s talented… It’s not HER fault all the movies she’s been in have been PAINFULLY AWFUL. Right?

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Flashback Friday: Natalie Portman

In honour of Toy Story 3 and Jonah Hex both opening today, I bring you a doll/prostitute:

I don’t mean you, Natalie, I mean your character Evey in V for Vendetta. When she was masquerading as a doll-like-child-like-prostitute. Remember?

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Flashback Friday: The A-Team

Is this an excuse to post a picture of Bradley Cooper?

Maybe! Are you complaining? How about Liam:

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Flashback Friday: Kylie Minogue

Kylie attended the AmfAR Inspiration Gala Event in NYC last night and sported not just one but two heroine-chic looks. She presented wearing this:

How can anyone not just adore her? So we’ve got leather bust and shrug and straps with metal over a tutu. The skirt should be shorter for superheroing but as you can see in the picture, it doesn’t actually hold her back at all. All in all, very heroine chic. But it doesn’t even come close to what she wore earlier in the evening:

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Flashforward Friday: Naomi Watts

Long, long ago, before she was NAOMI WATTS, Naomi Watts was Jet Girl:

I unabashedly love the movie Tank Girl. It is not by any definition a good film. But come on, look at these fashions:

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