Superheroine of the Night: Sarah Hyland

It’s not hard to find superheroine looks at the cray-cray world of the MTV Video Music Awards (or any Awards awarded by MTV or almost any music awards — there’s just something about music that translates to more cotumey looks…and there is nothing bad about that!). It’s mostly hard to narrow down the cray-cray into authentic heroine chic. Miley Cyrus absolutely looked like a comic book character last night but she didn’t read heroine chic at all.

Sarah Hyland

THIS is heroine chic. This is a Look but it’s still a Red Carpet Look. It’s over the top but it’s not big top — to be fair it’s maybe not over the top ENOUGH for this venue. But Sarah wasn’t performing or presenting or accepting an award so she didn’t have to answer to anyone. And Miley didn’t have that luxury so it’s not really fair to compare the two. Still as far as being superheroine of the night, Miley missed the mark and Sarah swooped in to take the prize. Read the rest of this entry »

Spice World

The Olympics are over for another two/four years (depending on how you view it) and I found plenty of superheroes in the past two weeks plus. But before we get to any of them we have to talk about these five girls:

I’ve been told calling anyone over 12 a ‘girl’ is disingenuous but it’s in their name. And I am that girl (I’m way over 12 but I like being a girl!) who embraced (and embraces!) both the Girl Power movement that the Spice Girls epitomized and the Riot Grrl Revolution that blew up at about the same time. Spice Grrl? Riot Spice? Whatever, I love the Spice Girls! They’ve played superheroes before and they brought the heroine chic to their Olympic performance.

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Paris Hilton wants to join The Order

One of my favorite comic book series is The Order by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson. It takes place under the Superhuman Registration Act and during the 50 States Initiative — basically Tony Stark is in charge of everything and a superteam is assigned to every state in the USA. In California it’s a team made up of celebrities turned superheroes by way of nanotech/genetic enhancement/whositwhatsit granted powers. The book is brilliant but so is that one conceit. And it has inspired many hours of me imagining which actual celebrities might sign up (RDJ is obvious, Ryan Gosling has a hero rep, Michelle Rodriguez would kick ass). And once, I actually plotted a story about a bored Paris Hilton deciding she wanted to try out.

She clearly agrees with my assessment and even got Pepsi to sign up as her corporate sponsor. And you know, “bored heiress turns to superheroism to make her life meaningful” (no offense to Paris or any other socialites, this is fiction) would be a refreshing origin story. Why shouldn’t someone become a superhero just because she wants to?

Superheroine of the Night: Nicki Minaj

I feel contractually obligated to post this picture:

I don’t think it needs discussion, though. Just tag it #NickiMinaj #IronMan #Robots #DancingRobots #ComparitivelySane and we’re good.

The Attack of Wango Tango

Wango Tango sounds like a surf competition or a bubble gum flavor so it really doesn’t surprise me that the costumes at the concert are so crackers. But seriously, these girls are SO a super-team. My evidence?

J-Lo is wearing a jumpsuit made out of glittery spiderwebs. I really have to give her props for follow through:

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Fergie has an official superheroine name y’all!

I got an email from the XL Center here in CT saying there were tickets newly available for the Black-Eyed Peas concert and I found myself incredibly tempted to go. I’m a fan of the music but I think it has more to do with all the amazing outfits they’ve been parading around this tour. I want to see these things LIVE.

But here’s Fergie’s most recent off-stage appearance:

Girl. I love it. And this picture cinches it: welcome to the superhero fold, darling. Not only is this deliciously heroine chic, the backdrop gives us the perfect name.

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Interactive Wednesday: Leggings

Wonder Woman has a new costume.

I like a lot of this. I like the top, I can get behind the jacket, she looks fashionable and yet tough. The gold looks heavy and it’s a little too throwback to the early nineties for me but overall, I like it. Just one thing.

Wonder Woman is wearing Liquid Leggings.

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Kylie Minogue absolutely dazzles!

I remember a few years back Kylie Minogue was the musical guest on SNL when Ian McKellan was hosting. Instead of leaving after he introduced her, Ian sat down on the stage to watch her performance. It was adorable and while Magneto doesn’t strike me as a Dazzler fan, if he was, it’s the kind of thing he’d do — tickets are for plebeians!

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Superhero of the Night: Sean Hayes (Tony Awards I)

This wasn’t hard to choose.

And not only because Sean dressed up as Spidey —

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Rihanna, you oughta be in comics.

It’s everywhere; Riri dyed her hair. But when I saw the pics of Rihanna performing for Saturday’s Rock in Rio Madrid Festival in Spain I was so amazed at her outfit her hair barely registered:

Can you really blame me? She’s wearing a cone bra made out of rubber with granny panties and fishnets. Also suspenders. And what look like patent leather combat boots.

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