Project Runway 12.3

Better known as introduction to RASPBERRY TOWN. Which is easily the best and most reasonable answer to “Give me a word to describe this frozen yogurt so I can make a dress inspired by your word” (which is probably not the least reasonable challenge inception in Project Runway‘s history but nothing more absurd (yet awesome!!) is coming to mind right this moment). Even more awesome “Raspberry Town” was provided by a guy who resembled Thor just enough for me to imagine an amazing Avengers at Coney Island scenario. And that’s not all! Thor answered Raspberry Town to self-described faux Sorority girls Kate and Helen:

Kate and Helen's design

And it won. It was very clever of Team Katlen to use those sombreros and the result is nifty and chic and raspberry. Just two things. Read the rest of this entry »


Candy Coated Pain: Venellope Von Schweetz

I love sports movies. I love the ones about scrappy underdogs. I love the ones about fallen champions. I love the ones about team-building and the ones about falling in love and the ones about reconnecting with family. I love the ones about winning and I love the ones about losing. I love the ones about teams and I love the ones about individuals. I love the ones about athletes and I love the ones about coaches or managers or moms. I love the ones about world champions and I love the ones about small town heroes. I love sports movies. And I can be counted on to cry at the resolution, win or lose or something in between.

A quote from Marianne Williamson recurs in the film Akeelah and the Bee (a sports movie in my estimation):

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

A sports movie, at its core, is about that fear and what it takes to overcome it. A sports movie, at its core, is about people who dare — not to be something they aren’t, but to be something they are.

Wreck It Ralph is a sports movie. There is a journey to win a medal, there is a race, there is a straight up training montage. But like all sports movies, it isn’t really about that. It’s about three people who dare to be powerful beyond measure. Of the three, Venellope is my favourite.


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Project Runway 10.4 Exodus

We already know my feelings about the episode, but here are my feelings about the fashion. The challenge was not very challenging: design a look for a woman on the go.

I love Melissa and I love layers but this went a little overboard. Then again, there’s a Jedi cloak thing going on here that at the least makes it Geek Chic. And Jedis are on-the-go…? I guess?

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Project Runway 10.3: MAD Fashion

I didn’t watch this episode live because the OLYMPICS trump everything. Yes, even when the Olympics aren’t live either. Thursday was the Women’s All Around in Gymnastics and while it was impossible not to be spoiled for the results I loved watching with my daughter screeching GABBY GABBY GABBY. The top four — Gabby Douglas, Viktoria Komova, Aliya Mustafina, and Aly Raisman — were are all fantastic and I adore them. So I DVRed Project Runway and watched Friday afternoon and, like the All-Around, I knew the winner going in. Knowing the outcome didn’t make it anticlimactic. But the fashion was SO ANTICLIMACTIC. I only have two things to say about it.

ONE: Kenley is my favourite.

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Project Runway 10.2

Candy! Couture! Candy Couture! At least, that’s what Nina Garcia and @ProjectRunway really wanted us to think. I am of two minds in this challenge. On on hand, I love ‘unconventional materials’ challenges and candy is FUN. On the other hand I can’t stand food that isn’t being eaten. I have problems with something as mundane as leftovers so wearing food is … ew. Candy is on the line in that it is super-preserved (except for the candy floss that not one but two designers were dumb enough to choose — doesn’t everyone know cotton candy turns to a rock once it’s exposed to air outside its bag?????) so I could get through watching this without too much trouble. I couldn’t be their model though. Those poor girls.

I think Nathan’s was the best representation of a candy superhero. Though I think only a supervillain would dress up in candy on purpose. A supervillain or a precocious sidekick as Nathan’s was also my seven year old daughter’s favourite.

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Project Runway 10.1

Watching the pre-show with Mondo and various other PR alums last night reminded me how sad-and-angry the PR All Stars Season made me. I really liked Mondo and Mondo’s designs on his first season but All Stars soured me on him and the show. It seemed created to hand him a crown. But! The first real episode of this new season renewed my excitement for the show. The judges weren’t fawning (I love Nina Garcia) and this new batch is full of people with heroine chic design potential. Like so:

Elena’s aesthetic (and her own hairstyle!) reminds me most of Aeon Flux and that puts her high on my list of favourites.

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.9

“But she’d fit right in at Comic-Con.”

I agree (guest judge) Pharell Williams. I also agree that this screams Mortal Kombat (MORTAL KOMBAT). Mortal Kombat by way of Tron. So is it heroine chic or is it straight-up costume?

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