How did you come up with this?

Sometimes I just get these ideas and I have to do something with them or they’ll drive me mad. It goes something like this:
(1) I love to dress up myself and I was wishing I could show off, but I’m not famous, why would anyone want a fashion blog about me?
(2) I love awards shows, fashion week, Project Runway and The Devil Wears Prada. But there plenty of great celebrity and runway fashion blogs already.
(3) I love science fiction and fantasy, crazy visions of the future, steam punk, Firefly and The Fifth Element — and most especially superheroes. And all the comic book fashion blogs I could find were defunct. Hmmm.
(4) With these thoughts (and Diane Kruger’s Karl Lagerfeld get-up I talk about in my intro post) in my head I went shopping and saw this:

And I said to myself: Self, this mainstream suburban department store wants to dress you like a fashion/faux superhero, make your blog!

Will you feature both men and women?

Of course! In terms of celebrity and runway fashion, yes, the spotlight is on the women. But over in comicbook world, the men outnumber them so it balances.

Why are there ponies and princesses on your superhero blog?

Hey, ponies and princesses are both super and heroines!

Who are you and what are your credentials?

My name is Anika. I was a Theater major with an honors concentration in Dance at Brandeis University. I can’t sew and I can’t draw but I love pretty things — and punky things — and I’ve a good eye. I work a boring job at a small liberal (really, really liberal) arts college in New England but my husband is a professional in the fashion industry. I am Managing Editor for the comic book and pop culture blog, Fantastic Fangirls and a mod at Once Upon a Runway and Comic Book Fashion on tumblr.

Do you have a question? Ask away!

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