If there’s an expert on stealth cosplay, it’s Anika Dane, who blogs about the intersections of superhero fashion, high fashion, and streetwear at Red Carpet Superhero and specializes in putting together superhero (and other character) referential ready-to-wear outfits like this twist on Hergé’s Tintin. 1.27.14

Chicks Dig Comics
Mad Norwegian Press
Pub date: April 10th, 2012

Chicks Dig Comics was nominated for a 2013 Hugo Award.

Captain America’s Next Top Model by Anika Dane Milik

Anika Milik teaches us that wearing a costume, even (or especially) a less than obvious one, can remind us that we are all superheroes.Geek Girl Ramblings, 04.04.12

Anika Dane Milik’s Captain America’s Next Top Model, which talks about the art of stealth cosplay, is a favorite of mine.Girls Read Comics Too, 04.09.12

Anika Dane Milik’s comic fashion tips will bring a smile…Crimespree Magazine, 04.23.12

The essays are quite diverse, ranging from fan and professional experiences to musings on the state of women both in the fandom and the industry. Co-editor Sigrid Ellis discusses sexual politics in “Kitty Queer,” and contributor Anika Milik covers superhero costumes (including my favorite costuming topic: Stealth Cosplay). An interview with Terry Moore discusses his involvement with comics, including self-publishing (sure to be of interest to many fans who wish to break into the industry), and his seminal work Strangers in Paradise, often praised for strong female characters drawn realistically. These are just a few examples of the hidden treasures that lie within.Bookshelf Bombshells, 05.16.12

This book is an utterly delightful celebration of the interaction of womanhood with comics. Contributions deal with topics ranging from entering the comics career as a woman (Gail Simone, Carla Speed McNeil) to cosplay and fashion (Erica McGillivray and Anika Milik, respectively) to comic character crushes (Sigrid Ellis, Colleen Doran). Sequential Tart, 05.21.12


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