Which Twilight Actress Wants to be Wonder Woman?

a photo of Ashley Greene at the Amfar Event for NYFW

Ashley Greene in Giambattista Valli.

So, I don’t like this look. She looks pretty because she is pretty and it’s a pretty dress, too, but it’s not a great fit for her body–

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Best Dressed: Emina Cunmulaj (AmfAR III)

Before I get to Emina I have to share three links:

One: I did this to a trash can once, and then felt badly that I was putting trash in R2D2. Two: You like pain, Vader? Try wearing a corset. Three: remember when Diane dressed like Princess Leia for the Met Gala?

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Superhero of the Night: Sir Ivan (with Mina) (AmfAR II)


He has a CAPE. With a PEACE SIGN.

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Superheroine of the Night: Michelle Harper (AmfAR I)

I mean, obviously!

Well, she could be a villain. But those … AMAZING metallic bands orbiting her shoulders raise it from villainess to superheroine from another planet. Like Superman. Except she looks more like one of Zod’s followers so maybe she is a villain. Hm.

Flashback Friday: Kylie Minogue

Kylie attended the AmfAR Inspiration Gala Event in NYC last night and sported not just one but two heroine-chic looks. She presented wearing this:

How can anyone not just adore her? So we’ve got leather bust and shrug and straps with metal over a tutu. The skirt should be shorter for superheroing but as you can see in the picture, it doesn’t actually hold her back at all. All in all, very heroine chic. But it doesn’t even come close to what she wore earlier in the evening:

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Recap! (AmfAR VIII)

It’s True! Dree Hemingway emerges as superheroine of the night. She is joined by Emily Blunt and Ana Beatriz as a Phoenix and a Diamond, respectively (vote in the poll!). Grace Jones is the best supervillain of the night EVER (though King Karl continues to be my favourite). Worst Dressed includes Marion Cotillard, Kirsten Dunst and Elizabeth Banks while Best Dressed honors Camilla Belle, Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lopez. In the middle are Michelle Rodriguez, Karolina Kurkova, Kate Beckinsale and more. Best Dressed Overall?

Diane Kruger.

Best Dressed: Diane Kruger (AmfAR VII)

I realize that I say “Diane Kruger, in Chanel, is flawless fashion” a lot, but:

Diane Kruger, in Chanel, is flawless fashion. I honestly did not think she could do as well this year as last:

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Worst Dressed (AmfAR VI)

Dear Suzanne Engo. I get that you love them but Converse are not appropriate footwear when wearing a gown. Even if your gown is a Smurf-blue ripped up mess that hugs your body in all the wrong places. This is BAD. Signed, All of Us.

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The Others (AmfAR V)

If everyone wasn’t so AMAZING at this event all of these would probably make the Best list. As is they are simply the slightly-less-AMAZING list.

1. DAMN Michelle Rodriguez looks good lately. 2. This is a far superior pink dress than her Met Gala appearance. It fits her and shows off her personality. 3. I LOVE the colour. The only reason this is an Other instead of a Best is:

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Best of the Rest (AmfAR IV)

Camilla Belle in Gucci Premiere. It speaks for itself.

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