Avengers Week: Pepper Potts

Hey world, I saw THE AVENGERS last night. You can read my spoiler-filled fashion geek thoughts about it (but mostly what they wear) over here at Fantastic Fangirls. I went into this week without a hero planned for Friday; I decided I’d pick after I saw the film, though I knew going in I’d be limited by the main people I hadn’t done yet (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury) all wearing the same basic look. Then I saw the movie and lightning struck (aside: I’d love to do Loki sometime but he doesn’t have a pull-from-my-closet look).

Pepper’s my favourite. And the opposite of a Loki — I am probably supposed to look like Pepper at the office.

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Avengers Week: Captain America

When I first heard about the years long film build up to The Avengers I was the most scared of a Captain America film. If it didn’t take place predominantly in the 40s I wanted no part. Cap is woken up by the Avengers, he’s never in the future without them. That’s a little detail that matters to me. But they made the movie I wanted to see.

This is the outfit I will be wearing to see The Avengers at midnight tonight. It’s a bit more ostentatious than the rest of my week.

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Avengers Week: Thor

I’m a little sad that Thor’s Day is not on Thorsday (Thursday) but since it is Wednesday — sharing day in our first grade — Aeris got away with bringing her helm and hammer to school. Thor remains her favourite superhero (for over a year now).

There is an observatory behind me, somewhat obscured by the gloomy New England May day, but I find it appropriate enough to point out. I didn’t really “get” Thor until I saw the film but it ended up my favourite of the post-Iron Man Marvel films. That movie is magical, like stars.

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Avengers Week: Iron Man

For day two of Avengers Week I am dressed as IRON MAN. And so is the rest of my family. My husband is wearing a glow-in-the-dark arc reactor t-shirt under his button down, my older daughter is wearing a red-and-gold Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith t-shirt from Hollywood Studios because I said “If Iron Man was a girl, and she designed a t-shirt for the Rock N Roller Coaster, it would be that.” when she bought it, and my younger daughter is wearing yellow, red, and a crystal. If I can get them to pose, I’ll update with pics. For now, Here’s me:

The red sundress is from Old Navy and it was paired with a (different) gold belt when I saw it on the mannequin so while this is something I already own, it was purchased with RTW Superhero in mind.

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Avengers Week: Hulk

Princess Week has ended, though we intend to go back to watch the rest of the Princess (and animated Disney) films when we are done with: AVENGERS WEEK! That’s right, as I am sure you know Marvel’s blockbuster The Avengers — or as my daughter Aeris calls it All the Superheroes — opens wide in the U.S. this Friday. To get ready we, like many fans, are watching the lead-up films, and I, like a few fans, am dressing “in the style of” the Avengers each day this week. For Monday, THE INCREDIBLE HULK:

I’m not much of a Hulk fan. “I’m really big and smash stuff” is pretty much my least favourite powerset (see also: Juggernaut, The Thing, etc.) and while I appreciate the tragedy of Bruce Banner, I don’t connect to him. But, Hulk’s an original Avenger so he gets a look.

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