Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Spoiler (Back-to-School Series)

Stephanie Brown has been Robin and Batgirl but her first super-identity was Spoiler.

Even as a supersuit head-to-toe purple is a little funky. But Steph’s an original and it felt only right to use the look she really owns.

Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)

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Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Nightwing (Back-to-School Series)

Dick Grayson was the original Robin, but when he decided he wanted to grow up, he graduated to Nightwing.

Nightwing flying high over Gotham by rope

Even now, Dick is still young and when he first became Nightwing he was a Teen Titan. That look was hilariously of its time and he currently prefers red to turquoise (why DC why?!) but this is the costume I think of as Nightwing’s (it even showed up in the cartoon, remember?).

Dick Grayson (Nightwing)

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Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Damian Wayne (Back-to-School Series)

Damian Wayne is the son of Gotham’s Bruce Wayne and the League of Assassins’ Talia al Ghul. He’s the latest and current Robin to Bruce’s Batman but he was introduced (pre DCnU) as a precocious assassin.

I love this costume design: it illustrates the struggle between good and evil that defines Damian and his family.

Damian Wayne (Assassin)

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Superheroes at the Oscars: Batmen

I know George Clooney doesn’t like to think about that time he played Batman. I know Bat-fandom, comic fans, cinephiles, and the general population don’t like to think about that time he played Batman. But you know. He did once play Batman.

He knows I’m talking about this and is trying to hurry Stacey on. George, you know she’s wearing ridiculous heels and her mobility is severely impaired by that gorgeous gold dress so you should be more of a gentleman and let go your evils of the Bat hang ups. I bet Stacey thinks it’s awesome you once played Bruce Wayne. She totally seems like a girl who’d like Batman.

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Superheroes on the Red Carpet

Is it me or is everyone in a superhero movie? I mean, not really, but as I collected images for last weekend’s Critics Choice and Golden Globes Awards Shows I noticed there were a LOT of superhero actors in the crowd.

Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale won big this weekend, and this awards season so far; his turn in The Fighter is the clear front-runner for the Oscar. As for his style … well, he remains one of the very prettiest actors out there (those flowing locks could be insured I bet). But Bruce Wayne it isn’t. When does The Dark Knight Rises start filming?

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Interactive Wednesday: Kiss me, Batman

I like to say I have reality-shifting “chaos powers” along the lines of Wanda Maximoff’s. Just, you know, not so powerful, and with no training. Anyway, lately my chaos powers have been going crazy. For example: I, like many, like to cast my favourite characters and/or cast my favourite actors in my favourite stories. I’ve mentioned before that Naomi Watts and Diane Kruger are my top picks for my best Marvel heroine, Ms. Marvel, and I am infatuated with the idea of Katie Holmes as Jessica Jones. I’ve also been saying since the first of Christopher Nolan’s Bat films (which starred Katie Holmes) that I want to see Talia Al Ghul on the big screen.


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