Wear the Flag

Two characters. One male, one female. One Marvel, one DC. One over 80 years old, one over 800 years old. One all-American, one a Greek immigrant — both famous for wearing the American flag.

Captain America and Wonder Woman are star-spangled icons.

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It’s a Billie Piper Post!

Last week Billie Piper appeared on The Graham Norton Show, a British late night talk show, alongside Toni Collette and Shappi Korsandi.

As I tweeted when I watched the show on BBC America: Billie, your dress doesn’t fit.

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Mad About Hats

Marie Claire UK is my new favourite magazine. Not really-really, but:

These are two of my favourite actresses. In January it was Cameron Diaz, none too shabby, and for March, well, Nicole Richie. Which is pretty shabby. However! I don’t think I have ever seen her look so good.

Anyway, back to Billie and Diane and what I want to talk about:

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