Superheroine of the Night: Naomi Watts

I know everybody wants Katee Sackhoff for Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie they’re not making. I’d be good with Katee. Or Charlize. Or Yvonne. Or Diane. Or Evan. Or Naya. But now and forever I will campaign for Naomi.

Naomi Watts

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Ready-to-Wear: Captain Marvel (Casual)

Polyvore is fun, but can be limiting. I couldn’t get an Air Force t-shirt for the Off-Duty-Carol-Danvers set I suddenly and desperately wanted to make. So here it is OFF-polyvore.

a screenshot of my ready-to-wear Carol set

This ISN’T RTW superhero in the sense of building an outfit around a superhero’s supersuit but it IS RTW superhero in the sense of basing an outfit on a superhero, in this case Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers.

a scan from Captain Marvel 1

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Captain Marvel Chic

CAPTAIN MARVEL (Kelly Sue Deconnick and Dexter Soy) takes flight TODAY. Since the title’s announcement, and Jamie McKelvie’s costume redesign, there has been an explosion of artistic fan activity — check out 5 Minute Marvels and Project Rooftop for a taste of it. But it’s not only sketchers who’ve been inspired; here is Deensey wearing her custom made Captain Marvel Dress:

How FIERCE is she??? She also did her nails:

I have neither sketching skills nor sewing skills but I wanted to celebrate the release too. Since I started Ready-to-Wearing superheroes the idea has taken over tumblr and polyvore (which is awesome) so here’s my Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel by redcarpetsuperhero featuring aviator sunglasses

Don’t forget to buy the comic! CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (Deconnick/Soy) in stores and online today!