Karolina Kurkova and Carine Roitfeld define heroine chic.

Guys. Guys! GUYS.

Karolina of Krpyton is officially my favourite supermodel. This even looks KRYPTONIAN. It’s like she READS MY BLOG.

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Supervillain of the Night: Grace Jones (AmfAR III)

I saw this picture and said “Oh hell yeah!” Literally. Out loud.

You totally did, too, right? Now, this is ridiculous. But it is certainly heroine chic. And everyone knows if you wear purple and red you are a villain.

But she wasn’t the only villain there:

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Soon all of Europe will be represented.

Throughthebrush submitted this revelation by way of The Fug Girls [And a special thanks to the Fug Girls for the jump in participation at Jumpsuit Wars. Don’t worry, Pacey WILL get a winner’s post (like I need an excuse to dedicate a post to Joshua Jackson). Watch this space!]

Anyway, back to France’s new supervillain:

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