Couples! (Tony Awards III)

I can’t decide if this picture is supposed to say “Look! Tom Cruise isn’t the shortest man in Hollywood” or “Well, Emma Watson isn’t THAT tall”:

But it must be the Tony people are having a laugh. Katie’s dress looks a size too small and Danny’s suit a size too big, it can’t NOT be on purpose, right? But you know, now I really want to see the amazingly mismatched Danny and Katie Variety Show. Don’t you?

Let’s look at a few Matched Couples:

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Best Dressed: Emma Watson (NMAs III)

Hermione Granger would not wear this:

But on Emma Watson I really like it. It’s Karl Lagerfeld which makes me think of Dark Hermione, which is both terrifying and excellent, and it is shorts, which is both terrifying and excellent. At another event it wouldn’t be formal enough but for Britain’s People’s Choice Awards it’s just right.

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