Princess of the Night: Kerry Washington

I love Scandal, I love Olivia Pope, and I love Kerry Washington. I also think she is one of the most beautiful people on the whole planet. And now I realize —

a photo of Kerry Washington from the Image Awards

Kerry Washington in Oscar de la Renta

She is a Real Life Disney Princess.

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Candy Coated Pain: Venellope Von Schweetz

I love sports movies. I love the ones about scrappy underdogs. I love the ones about fallen champions. I love the ones about team-building and the ones about falling in love and the ones about reconnecting with family. I love the ones about winning and I love the ones about losing. I love the ones about teams and I love the ones about individuals. I love the ones about athletes and I love the ones about coaches or managers or moms. I love the ones about world champions and I love the ones about small town heroes. I love sports movies. And I can be counted on to cry at the resolution, win or lose or something in between.

A quote from Marianne Williamson recurs in the film Akeelah and the Bee (a sports movie in my estimation):

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

A sports movie, at its core, is about that fear and what it takes to overcome it. A sports movie, at its core, is about people who dare — not to be something they aren’t, but to be something they are.

Wreck It Ralph is a sports movie. There is a journey to win a medal, there is a race, there is a straight up training montage. But like all sports movies, it isn’t really about that. It’s about three people who dare to be powerful beyond measure. Of the three, Venellope is my favourite.


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Princess at the Emmys: Ginnifer Goodwin

I’ve recently taken up promoting fairy tale fashion at my new tumblrs What Would Regina Wear? (for all your Evil Queen/Mayor of Storybrooke fashion needs) and Once Upon a Runway (for ALL your fairy tale fashion needs). And I love it. I’ve never had any shame embracing my own inner princess.

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier

Neither does Ginny Goodwin. Which must be why she’s such a charming Snow White. See what I did there?

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Princess Week: Ariel

I love The Little Mermaid. And as much as I admire and adore the princesses who came before her and after her, Ariel will always be my princess.

The Little Mermaid debuted in November, 1989. I was thirteen years old and I’d just started ninth grade. My mother had died suddenly the April before. I don’t remember what my first impression of the film was. But over the next five years I started dyeing my strawberry blond hair redder and redder, I purchased multiple copies of the Part of Your World sheet music and used it for all my auditions, and the great majority of my money from after school jobs went to Little Mermaid merchandise. And not just cute shirts and mini-backpacks. If they put Ariel on it, I would buy it. Ariel collected human stuff and I collected Ariel stuff.

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Ready-to-Wear: Cinderella

There is one surefire way to invoke Cinderella no matter what you are wearing.

Glass slippers! Marc Jacob recently released a transparent pump that fulfills every Cinderella fantasy I have ever had:

But until my fairy godmother sends them to me, here are some alternatives for under $600.

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Chicks Dig Comics

Chicks Dig Comics is a collection of essays by and about women enjoying comic books. And it’s super awesome. There is so much variety and exuberance, it’s really special. The contributors are from all sorts of backgrounds and represent all sorts of websites and activities. Authors, artists, editors, bloggers, cosplayers, conventioneers… Plus interviews with creators whose work reflects they understand chicks dig comics.

I have an essay, Captain America’s Next Top Model, about using fashion to show off your inner superhero. It’s an extension of this blog so if you are reading this you should go get the book! Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and hopefully your local comic book store.

So, Anika, now that you somehow wound up published in between Kelly Thompson (Comic Book Resources) and Louise Simonson (Power Pack), what are you going to do?

I am going to Disney World! More importantly, I’m going to ride the AVENGERS MONORAIL. We’re actually going with the local high school band, the MHS Blue Dragons. So I will be a dragon, dressed in my special Disney outfits*, riding the Avengers monorail. Best week ever, right?

Buy the book! You won’t regret it.

*While packing I realized I could dress “in the style of Spider-Man” all seven days if I wanted to. I’ve decided to be proud.

Emma Stone shows her Supervillain Spots.

Emma Stone is adorable, always. Nothing about her says villain. However:

She looks like Cruella Deville’s daughter. That is all I can see. Cruella Deville’s adorable-but-CLEARLY-villainous daughter.

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