Best Dressed: Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood

Full disclosure: I unabashedly adore both these women. But look at this picture and tell me my bias gets in the way:

Right?! They were both nominated for (their brilliant work in) Mildred Pierce. They were both dressed in Elie Saab. And they were both flawless, beautiful, perfection, etc. as the saying goes.

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Best Hair: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is beautiful. And so was her beaded dress. But it all pales in comparison to this fact:


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Supervillainess of the Night: Julianna Margulies

I love Julianna Margulies, I have since the pilot episode of E.R. (Carol Hathaway remains one of my favourite characters in any series ever), and she is a beautiful woman. And a winner (Best Actress, Drama, for The Good Wife)! Congrats Julianna.

But, this? No. Just no. This hits one of my biggest fashion pet peeves: she is dressed like an object! WHY. Here, look at it walking:

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Supervillain of the Night: Alan Cummings

I only have two things to say about Alan Cummings’ latest Emmy look:

1. WUT.


Superheroine of the Night: Gwyneth Paltrow


I love awards shows. But I don’t watch them for the awards. The awards are pretty silly, especially the Emmys where voters are only asked to watch ONE episode from a SEASON of television. Glee and Modern Family in the same category gets a lot of “really?” attention from press and fans but in my opinion The Good Wife, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones in the same race is equally strange. Apples and oranges people. And pears. And maybe avocados. Point being, I think the nomination IS actually the award and even that is pretty silly. I watch — and love! — award shows for a) the fashion (obvs) and b) the spontaneous moments of OH!

With this look, Gwyneth gave me both. So much so that I almost want to give out my own awards to all those spontaneous moments of OH! and name them The Gwynnies. Because REALLY.

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Superteam of the Night: Women of Comedy

How great are they? YOU ALL WIN. I don’t really watch comedy so I couldn’t tell you which of these women is best in her actual show but in last night’s show I give it to Amy Poehler’s sprint on stage. It was the perfect beginning to the gag and I love her for it.

As for fashion, one lady stands out:

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Hit and/or Miss! (Emmys)

To be entirely honest, these are my favourite looks. A truly GREAT Red Carpet Look should have just as much chance of being on the Worst Dressed lists as the Best Dressed lists. Not everybody gets to DO this, I appreciate the ones who wear A Lot of Look proudly.

Anna Paquin looked daring in Alexander McQueen. The heroine chic is high and so is the risk. I don’t love this dress — it’s dark and heavy on her, especially with her (shall we say) vampiric colouring. But she is carrying it, I can tell she felt STRONG in this look. PROUD. And that I absolutely love.


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