Things that are Amazing. Things that could be Better.

I love Spider-Man. And like any geek, I like to show off my love by collecting and displaying things related to Spider-Man. I have toys and web-crawling earbuds and I have t-shirts and sneakers. But to get these things I usually have to shop the “Boys” aisles. So when I saw this, I got really excited:


Spidey-polish (by OPI)! My own nails are a disaster. Most of the 12 year old boys who my Spider-shirts and -shoes are actually made for probably have prettier ones. But I would buy this anyway because it’s that amazing. And because I want to support the initiative. And because, like I said, I collect things related to my love of Spider-Man!

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Fashion is about me not you, ft. Vanessa Hudgens

I just received a link to this slideshow in my inbox. It’s titled “Ten things men hate about your wardrobe” and goes on to show pictures of various celebrities in outfits men allegedly hate. Now, first of all, I have to reiterate my position that women do not dress for men. Second, all the captions are a variation on:

Women just love this look, they find it so cute and chic. But men? Men HATE it. Therefore all women should stop wearing this.



Let’s take Vanessa Hudgens.

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Uniform / Controversy

As costume controversy has swirled around recent redesigns and movie revelations, I’ve said a few time that if it were up to me and realism all superheroes would wear uniforms, like the military. And I’d like to clarify that a little. I would hope it is very clear that I L-O-V-E-LOVE superhero and comic book fashion. This blog should be proof of that, right? So what am I talking about calling for “uniforms”, right?

I wants this jacket!

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