Superheroines of the Night: Tyra Banks and Fergie

Admittedly, I’m not a teen, but the Teen Choice Awards bored me last night. The staging for the musical numbers was just dreadful (like, seriously, AWFUL), I don’t know WHAT hostess Somebody-from-Big-Bang-Theory (I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory — do teens?) and DJ were doing, and the match-ups of presenter to recipient was even weirder than usual for an awards show (Zoe Saldana and Thor did the Harry Potter tribute. Obviously). And the fashion was just yaaaaawwwwwwwn-worthy. I didn’t think we’d have ANY Superheroine of the Night, but it turns out we have two. Because they were kind enough to match:

Here’s Tyra in what can ONLY be described as heroine chic.

And here’s Fergie. See? They are clearly teammates.

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Super Couples, the Met Ball Edition

Okay, you know where this starts:

Diane’s look says “King Karl practically raised me, Jason Wu is a BFF, I am a goddess and I know how to work it, everyone else can just go home, I win.”

Josh’s look says “Look at her. I win.”

Seriously people. Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Jason Wu, and the Met. WE ALL WIN.

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Fergie has an official superheroine name y’all!

I got an email from the XL Center here in CT saying there were tickets newly available for the Black-Eyed Peas concert and I found myself incredibly tempted to go. I’m a fan of the music but I think it has more to do with all the amazing outfits they’ve been parading around this tour. I want to see these things LIVE.

But here’s Fergie’s most recent off-stage appearance:

Girl. I love it. And this picture cinches it: welcome to the superhero fold, darling. Not only is this deliciously heroine chic, the backdrop gives us the perfect name.

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Interactive Wednesday: Leggings

Wonder Woman has a new costume.

I like a lot of this. I like the top, I can get behind the jacket, she looks fashionable and yet tough. The gold looks heavy and it’s a little too throwback to the early nineties for me but overall, I like it. Just one thing.

Wonder Woman is wearing Liquid Leggings.

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Black Eyed Peas Fergie is dressed to save the planet.

I know performance fashion is different from event fashion. Event fashion, while generally more glitzy than street fashion, is still, in theory, meant to highlight the wearer more than the story.

But when the alien invaders show up I’m hiding behind the Black-Eyed Peas.

They already have code names. And Fergie can invoke the Phoenix Force:

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