Fantasy Chic at the Grammys

Princess Rihanna wasn’t the only getting her high fantasy on at last night’s Grammy Awards. High Fantasy Chic was all over the red carpet.

a photo of Taylor Swift at the Grammys 2013

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My Little Pony At the (Met) Gala!

The Met Ball is the most fun night for fashion every year. Or as the ponies would say: BEST. NIGHT. EVER. Unlike other red carpet events, the Met Ball is about fashion. Fashion takes center stage, legitimately, and so we get:

Coco Rocha as a humanized My Little Pony. Humanizing the ponies in art and cosplay is a huge part of the Pony and Brony fandom (my family is planning it for an upcoming convention ourselves). But I never expected to see it so CLEARLY on the red carpet. Basically, Coco is my fashion hero FOREVER for this.

Although she’s in Fluttershy’s colors, she’s rocking Pinkie Pie’s attitude: this is MY party. But don’t worry, I found the other ponies.

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Superheroine of the Night: Florence Welch

The Grammys are special; approaching heroine chic is sorta the standard. But it’s a tightrope walk (username shout out!). First, let’s talk about Ciara:

This is heroine chic. But it screams “trying too hard”. The way anything Lady Gaga wears screams “Lady F***ing Gaga”. So they’re both out of the running here.

Here’s Haley Williams:

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