Superheroes at the Oscars: Batmen

I know George Clooney doesn’t like to think about that time he played Batman. I know Bat-fandom, comic fans, cinephiles, and the general population don’t like to think about that time he played Batman. But you know. He did once play Batman.

He knows I’m talking about this and is trying to hurry Stacey on. George, you know she’s wearing ridiculous heels and her mobility is severely impaired by that gorgeous gold dress so you should be more of a gentleman and let go your evils of the Bat hang ups. I bet Stacey thinks it’s awesome you once played Bruce Wayne. She totally seems like a girl who’d like Batman.

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In Which Stacey Keibler is Playing Along

I like Stacey Keibler. She owns her schtick. She’s pulled off “Leggy Girl-Wrestler” and “Star Who Dances” and she’s been a trooper as “Clooney’s Arm Candy”. I believe her when she babbles about being a tomboy. I sorta kinda think she’s cool.

But what the what is this?:

I mean. Here’s from the front:

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Badass of the Night: Evan Rachel Wood

Seriously now this TIFF weekend featured Angelina Jolie, Anna Faris, Megan Fox and Stacy Keibler — any and all of whom have been called badass by someone or another. Remember when Angie carried blood in a vial across borders? And Stacy was a legit member of the WWE. Someone or another, ymmv. But as you see if you clicked, all those looks were BORING. None of those ladies brought it to Toronto. This one did:

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