Other glimpses of Heroine Chic at the Globes

January wasn’t entirely alone. There was also this:

Halle Berry, who has appeared for both Marvel (Storm in the X-movies) and DC (sadly, Catwoman), picked a bunch of stuff out of her lingerie drawer and showed up on the Red Carpet. Which is absolutely heroine chic. And I’d believe she could beat us all up and look damn good doing it.

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Dressing the part: Sharon, Nicole and Halle

Sharon Stone wore this to a special screening of Behind the Bulrly Q, a movie about burlesque dancers.

I think she might have burlesque dancer confused with dominatrix. But it is nonetheless a good example of “worn with the event in mind”. And with elbow gloves and fishnets she is certainly on her way to superhero chic as we define it (though Tim Gunn disagrees on the chic part).

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