Heroine Chic at the Kids Choice Awards


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Superhero of the Night: Adam Lambert

The American Music Awards were super shiny (excuse me, SUPER SHINY!!!) and otherwise pretty boring in terms of heroine chic. But this guy brought it:

Also SUPER SHINY but this looks like a superhero (or villain) instead of just a disco retrospective. Not that there is anything at all wrong with a disco retrospective. It just doesn’t scream crime-fighting time. Unless it’s Charlie’s Angels but I think that’s still a sad story in la-la-land. Though. . .

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Other glimpses of Heroine Chic at the Globes

January wasn’t entirely alone. There was also this:

Halle Berry, who has appeared for both Marvel (Storm in the X-movies) and DC (sadly, Catwoman), picked a bunch of stuff out of her lingerie drawer and showed up on the Red Carpet. Which is absolutely heroine chic. And I’d believe she could beat us all up and look damn good doing it.

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Hit and/or Miss! (Emmys)

To be entirely honest, these are my favourite looks. A truly GREAT Red Carpet Look should have just as much chance of being on the Worst Dressed lists as the Best Dressed lists. Not everybody gets to DO this, I appreciate the ones who wear A Lot of Look proudly.

Anna Paquin looked daring in Alexander McQueen. The heroine chic is high and so is the risk. I don’t love this dress — it’s dark and heavy on her, especially with her (shall we say) vampiric colouring. But she is carrying it, I can tell she felt STRONG in this look. PROUD. And that I absolutely love.


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Germany’s Next Top Model

In my first post to this blog I introduced a German fashion superheroine, and the finale of Germany’s Next Top Model proves the country has caught on.

This is Alisair, strutting in full on heroine chic.

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