Ready-to-Wear: Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony Week)

an image of Rarity looking embarrassedMy friend Twilight Sparkle would like me to remind anypony who is an American citizen of voting age to VOTE in today’s Presidential and other assorted races Election.

Twilight is all about responsibility.

Now on to fashion. I am very, very pleased with this pony chic ensemble. Twilight is a unicorn, like me!, and a magic user. She is bookish and has a great number of opinions, like me!, but she is also a hard worker and an aristocrat from the capitol city of Canterlot…. oh, Canterlot. Erm. Voila:

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

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Ready to Wear Superhero: Blue Beetle (Back-to-School Series)

So THIS was a challenge!

Technical costume specs of the Blue Beetle

I like to support new characters, young characters, and characters of color so I really wanted to include Jamie Reyes. But he wears a carapace. I had to get a little extra creative.

Jamie Reyes (Blue Beetle)

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Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Wonder Girl (Back-to-School Series)

Cassie Sandsmark is my favourite of the Wonders. While Wonder Woman is the icon and Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl preceded her by thirty years, Cassie is the Wonder Girl I personally connect with.

And this outfit has a lot to do with it. I love its silly nineties earnestness.

Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl)

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