The Others (AmfAR V)

If everyone wasn’t so AMAZING at this event all of these would probably make the Best list. As is they are simply the slightly-less-AMAZING list.

1. DAMN Michelle Rodriguez looks good lately. 2. This is a far superior pink dress than her Met Gala appearance. It fits her and shows off her personality. 3. I LOVE the colour. The only reason this is an Other instead of a Best is:

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Slinky! (Cannes Opening Night III)

Not everyone went for the princess cut:

I want to be Dame Helen Mirren when I grow up. 1. She’s a dame, 2. she has a career to die for, 3. she has a wardrobe to die for (she always looks so regal and yet cute!), 4. she’s got a just-as-regal-and-yet-cute hubby, 5. she’s Helen Mirren.

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