Princess of the Night: Claire Danes

I’m starting with Princess because superheroines were scarce this Emmys, at least fashion-wise. And also because this was so easy to choose:

Actual Disney Princess Claire Danes. Plus:

She has an Actual Disney Prince.

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Super Couples, the Met Ball Edition

Okay, you know where this starts:

Diane’s look says “King Karl practically raised me, Jason Wu is a BFF, I am a goddess and I know how to work it, everyone else can just go home, I win.”

Josh’s look says “Look at her. I win.”

Seriously people. Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Jason Wu, and the Met. WE ALL WIN.

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Superheroine of the Night: Claire Danes

Last night Claire Danes won Best Actress for her role in the biopic Temple Grandin at the Roma Fiction Fest. Which is super. But way more super is what she wore to pick up her prize:

You know, I’m not a huge fan of Valentino, but this? This I love.

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