Interactive Wednesday: Kiss me, Batman

I like to say I have reality-shifting “chaos powers” along the lines of Wanda Maximoff’s. Just, you know, not so powerful, and with no training. Anyway, lately my chaos powers have been going crazy. For example: I, like many, like to cast my favourite characters and/or cast my favourite actors in my favourite stories. I’ve mentioned before that Naomi Watts and Diane Kruger are my top picks for my best Marvel heroine, Ms. Marvel, and I am infatuated with the idea of Katie Holmes as Jessica Jones. I’ve also been saying since the first of Christopher Nolan’s Bat films (which starred Katie Holmes) that I want to see Talia Al Ghul on the big screen.


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The A-Team in Paris

I did not go see The A-Team last weekend. I didn’t see The Karate Kid, either. We decided on finally watching Shutter Island but then it was unavailable at Red Box so we go to On Demand. Bad idea, there were too many options, we got sucked into a prolonged discussion of what to watch, it ended up a ranking plus one veto go around — long story, short (too late) we watched Daybreakers.

Is there such a thing as good movie about vampires? Because I have yet to see it. But I digress, here’s the A-Team plus Jessica Biel (who plays someone in the movie) in Paris:

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Best Dressed: Jessica Biel (MTV Movie Awards VIII)

I may have to revise my opinion of Jessica Biel. I’ve always found her boring, but this:

I LOVE this. It’s absolutely adorable yet high on fashion. She looks amazing! Everything from hair to heels is just right.

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So that’s what ‘Guys Choice’ means. (Spike Guys Choice III)

Charlize wasn’t the only one sporting the mini to the Guys Choice awards:

There is a fish in this picture. Actually two. But that aside, Scarjo looks HOT.

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