Olivia Style (Escapades in Leathers Jackets)

It’s Fringe Friday and tonight we will be treated to this:

a still from Fringe, Olivia Dunham, arms crossed, wearing a leather jacket and looking like a BAMF

I saw this still and immediately went looking for that jacket.

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Super Couples, the Met Ball Edition

Okay, you know where this starts:

Diane’s look says “King Karl practically raised me, Jason Wu is a BFF, I am a goddess and I know how to work it, everyone else can just go home, I win.”

Josh’s look says “Look at her. I win.”

Seriously people. Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Jason Wu, and the Met. WE ALL WIN.

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Best Dressed: Lea Michele and Joshua Jackson (Teen Choice)

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the best part of the Teen Choice Awards:

Now, admittedly, I’m not a teen. But look at them. Just LOOK at them.

Here’s Lea:

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Interactive Wednesday: Let’s talk Tech Chic

Gadgets. Everybody has a few and face it, we’re only gonna keep getting more (until they start making cyber implants). But hey, gadgets are entirely Geek Chic:


I secretly like Megan Fox. She says too much, it endears her to me. So does the Star Wars shirt and the fact that she reads Gen 13.

Continuing the theme of starlets who purport to read comics, here’s Miley Cyrus and her gadget of choice:

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Pacey and Diane and Joey and Tom (NMAs II)

Pacey and Diane went shopping at Lanvin about a month ago and here is the result:

Pacey looks fab, I love his shoes. On someone else Diane’s dress would be a bit much, but her fashion attitude makes it work as I will show you in a moment. But first, here’s Joey and Tom:

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Best Dressed: Diane Kruger (AmfAR VII)

I realize that I say “Diane Kruger, in Chanel, is flawless fashion” a lot, but:

Diane Kruger, in Chanel, is flawless fashion. I honestly did not think she could do as well this year as last:

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A Berlinele Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in fashion-occupied France, Berlinele and her beau, Pacey*, arrived in Nice in their civilian identities — Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson:

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Recap! (Met Gala XII)

I told you I love this event! Now, Emma is the best of the night, Tina needs to burn that thing she wore, Chloe is never boring, volume and colour made a splash, Katy lit up, Bar looked like Ms. Marvel, Karolina and Margherita are secretly Krytonian, Kristen secretly wants to punch people (maybe not so secretly), Kate was Grace Kelly and Diane was Princess Leia.

Also, Karl Lagerfeld was there:

Until next year!

Nobody comes between me and my Calvins. (Met Gala X)

Hey everybody, I’ve discovered the definition of flawless! Ready? Here:

Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger, both in Calvin Klein. (And they both have that same clutch Diane-in-CK had at the Vanity Fair Post-Oscars party and I still zomgwantsit!!) I love Zoe and Diane both, but they have more in common than my affection and their stunning CK looks: they both studied ballet before acting, they were both in huge blockbuster movies with huge marquee stars early in their movie careers, and yet they were both overlooked by the mainstream until last year when they both appeared in huge Oscar-nominated films. And they are both known for being fashionable, both memorably wearing love-it-or-hate-it looks to the Academy Awards ceremony.

And as if Zoe and Diane weren’t enough to make Francisco Costa proud, look who else is stepping up in Calvin Klein:

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Interactive Wednesday: Jumpsuit Wars

Love them or hate them Jumpsuits are a current fashion trend.

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