Actually everyone’s a Supervillain.

I gotta give it to Jessie J:

Crutches ain’t gonna slow her down. And spunk like that, she should get the Superheroine of the Night title, right? But everything else about her screams supervillain. And supervillains can have spunk! Right?

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Superheroine of the Night: Maria Sharapova

I like browsing ESPY Awards fashion because in reality superheroes would more resemble athletes than actors. A great example is our Superheroine of the Night:

Maria Sharapova has an Amazonian vibe when she’s in street clothes and certainly in her tennis “whites”. But this? This is straight off of Themyscira. Let’s see the whole look:

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Superhero of the Night: Justin Bieber (MMVA I)

When Justin Bieber is in the game, does anyone else have a chance?

Not if he is wearing an outfit that looks like it was literally drawn into the picture. Featuring blue pants.

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The What-What? (WHCAD IV)

I seriously cannot decide which of our “White House Correspondents” is the most fun. There are SO MANY to choose from. Like:


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